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Former Akita Co. Building

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A building represents the Japanese modern architecture history,

Former Akita Co. Building was built as a unique fusion work of Japanese and Western culture in 1915.

Reinforced-concrete, up to the third floor, a floor in the basement, with a penthouse and a Japanese garden on the rooftop.

Completely western style office on the first floor, the second and third floor is designed in Shoin-zukuri style residence. This building was the very first reinforced-concrete office building in west Japan and now it is known as the oldest one of them that exists.

Now they open the inside to the public as a tourist information center (except the rooftop).

The building will get lightened up during the night time.

Basic Information

Location Nabecho 23-11, Shimonoseki City, Yamaguchi Prefecture
Access (1) 15 minutes by car from Chugoku express way Shimonoseki IC
(2) 7 minutes walk from JR Shimonoseki station
→ 1 minute walk from "Karato" bus stop
Office of Inquiry Former Akita firm Building (Shimonoseki Sightseeing information center) TEL: 083-231-4141