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Hirameki Park Kasadojima

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Kasadojima Island in Kudamatsu City is famous for Kasado flounder. "Hirameki Park Kasadojima" is located in the Kudamatsu City Fisheries Center on the island. Here, the largest petting pool in Japan with an area of about 71㎡ was built in 2020. The pool is filled with local fish brought in regulary by local fishermen. You can enter there barefood and touch the fish directly. It'll be a good memory if you participate in the experience of feeding the flounder raised at the fish farming center and how to clean the flounder that requires advance reservation. In addition, the five unique cat staff are also popular.

Basic Information

Location 456-8 Oaza-Sakadoshima, Kudamatsu City, Yamaguchi Prefecture
Office of Inquiry Hirameki Park Kasadojima TEL: 0833-52-1222