Iwakuni, Yanai, Shunan

Iwakuni Kokusai Kanko Hotel
  • Iwakuni Kokusai Kanko Hotel
  • Iwakuni, Yanai, Shunan
  • Located in the cape by Kintaikyo, the best bridge in Japan. Cherry blossoms in spring, cormorant fishing in summer,...
Bridge Station Kintaikyo (Kintaikyo Bus Center)
Kikkawa Archives
  • Kikkawa Archives
  • Iwakuni, Yanai, Shunan
  • The exhibition of the Kikkawa family's belongings such as armors, swords, ancient documents, and artworks.
Iwakuni Sushi
  • Iwakuni Sushi
  • Iwakuni, Yanai, Shunan
  • At the first glance it looks like Chirashi Sushi (sashimi scattered on a bowl of sushi rice), but it takes advantag...
Iwakuni Shirohebi Museum
  • Iwakuni Shirohebi Museum
  • Iwakuni, Yanai, Shunan
  • Shirohebi, the white snakes in Iwakuni has nationally designated as a natural monument. This museum is about this w...
Birthplace of Uno Chiyo
  • Birthplace of Uno Chiyo
  • Iwakuni, Yanai, Shunan
  • The birthplace of Uno Chiyo, a woman writer from Iwakuni. The building from the Meiji period was renovated by Un...
Tokotoko Train
  • Tokotoko Train
  • Iwakuni, Yanai, Shunan
  • The train runs slowly from Nishikicho station to Sozukyo Onsen Station, 6km distance in 10km/h speed. It feels like...
Yanai wellness Park
  • Yanai wellness Park
  • Iwakuni, Yanai, Shunan
  • Is maintained in rich Natural environment for the purpose of mental and physical health maintenance, increase;, in ...
Obatake Sightseeing Center / sea bream Sushi
ふれあいどころ 437
  • ふれあいどころ 437
  • Iwakuni, Yanai, Shunan
  • Other than Sale of the fresh Vegetables and Artefact of the experience-based Exchanges Facilities Hometown which wa...
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