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Former Akita Co. Building
  • Former Akita Co. Building
  • Shimonoseki, Akiyoshi-dai, Ube
  • A building represents the Japanese modern architecture history, Former Akita Co. Building was built as a unique ...
Kameyama Hachiman Shrine
  • Kameyama Hachiman Shrine
  • Shimonoseki, Akiyoshi-dai, Ube
  • It is got close to Residents as "Patron saint of Seki" in Founded of (859) and a coming old shrine in 859. There ...
Kanmon Straits
  • Kanmon Straits
  • Shimonoseki, Akiyoshi-dai, Ube
  • It is Shimonoseki City and Straits of approximately 700m in width between Moji-ku, Kitakyushu-shi. When a country o...
Tsunoshima Ohashi Bridge
  • Tsunoshima Ohashi Bridge
  • Shimonoseki, Akiyoshi-dai, Ube
  • Tsunoshima Ohashi Bridge was open in 2000 and known as one of the longest(1780m) free bridge to islands. The bri...
Kaikyo Yume Tower
  • Kaikyo Yume Tower
  • Shimonoseki, Akiyoshi-dai, Ube
  • A landmark tower of Kanmon Strait opened in July 1996. Takes 70 seconds by the see-through elevator. 360 degrees...
Shimonoseki City History Museum
  • Shimonoseki City History Museum
  • Shimonoseki, Akiyoshi-dai, Ube
  • This museum took over the work of collecting/researching the historical documents related to Shimonoseki and the su...
Mimosusogawa Park
  • Mimosusogawa Park
  • Shimonoseki, Akiyoshi-dai, Ube
  • Replica of the Choshu cannon used in exclusionism war and Shimonoseki war (completed in September 2004), Dan-no-ura...
Shimonoseki fishing Park
  • Shimonoseki fishing Park
  • Shimonoseki, Akiyoshi-dai, Ube
  • A Fishing deck of 100m in length is comprised in the offing of 200m by splendid The shore of the View of the Sanin....
Do; Crafts cough Straits Festival, Genpei ship Battle
美祢市養鱒場 fishing pond
  • 美祢市養鱒場 fishing pond
  • Shimonoseki, Akiyoshi-dai, Ube
  • I use the clean spring of the Beppu Benten pond chosen by Japan Famous Water 100 selections and, mainly on a rainbo...
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